Nathalie Gensac - Founder

Media4Good (M4G) was started as a new model of charity.

Social entrepreneur Natalie Gensac founded the production based organization in 2005 to use the power of media to reach out to a new generation of intelligent givers—people who need to know their contributions will truly make a sustainable difference in the global struggle against poverty and illiteracy. To that end she focused on the growing need for financial transparency in the charitable sector and on global communities that recognize film provides them with a voice, which allows their projects and messages to be more effective.

With the objectives clear, Gensac found a new way forward – media, business and partnerships to help raise funds, awareness and provide a positive, responsible approach to aid - Gensac uses her skills as a media producer, director and entrepreneur to promote the heroic efforts of effective charities and the people they serve. Her core focus is to support the two groups essential to social and economic advancement in our world today: women and children.